Thursday, October 17, 2013

Travel Play Therapy Ideas

Travel Play Therapy Ideas: Lots of clinicians work at multiple sites and must take their office with them.  Here are some portable ideas.
  1. Travel Play Therapy Kit: This rolling case is perfect for a travel kit.  This link also has a list of important toys to include.
  2. Portable Art StudioThis is easy to grab and can fit a lot of supplies.
  3. Play Therapy CartI worked  as a school therapist and would sometimes get kicked out of my office during standard testing, etc.  One of these carts made the move much easier.
  4. DVD Art Box: Easily pack up your colored pencils/markers with paper.
  5. Portable DollhouseThis is easy to make and when you are ready to put it away it turns into a box for you to store your dolls.  Here is a similar dollhouse that collapses flat.
  6. Game Supplies: A good way to organize game supplies without losing small pieces.
  7. Lego Box: Just glue a lego board onto your storage box.
  8. Snapwear Sand TrayYou can put sand in the top and then keep your miniatures in the bottom portion.
  9. Rainbow Rice TraySand is ideal, but if you are going somewhere that you can’t risk sand spillage then fill a tub with colored rice for east clean up.

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