Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Suggested Sand Tray Activities

  • "Create your own world" or “Tell me a story in this tray"
  • Client constructs representation of real-life experience, interaction or problem situation.
  • Can provide reassuring distancing for client by keeping in third person.  For example, suggest a scene about "a girl who feels betrayed by her best friend"instead of the client.
  • Client builds tray portraying particular issue requiring solution.  Client then selects miniature to act as a Helper or Wise One to answer questions or aid in needed actions.
  • Client builds tray illustrating particular feeling and circumstances (or miniatures) that evoke that feeling.
  • Client constructs a scene representing own family.
  • Therapist selects clinically significant group of miniatures (to focus upon particular situation) and then asks client to create a world for the miniatures.
  • Client may play out situation in tray
  • Client and therapist do a Joint Tray (similar to Oaklander’s joint picture technique).
  • Therapist and client create story in tray together where client selects miniature and supplies first sentence. Therapist follows suit for next sentence and miniature, etc.
  • Therapist suggests that client build an Amplification Tray for certain part of constructed world that is confusing or difficult to experience.
  • Miniatures involved are moved to second empty tray where they dialogue or play out situation.
  • Client adopts physical stance of particular figure in constructed tray, (Therapist may mirror client’s stance.) Client focuses on feelings/thoughts the stance evokes.
  • For small group: Members construct individual trays, then select figures symbolizing their own journey to form a group tray.

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