Friday, August 2, 2013

Therapeutic Toys

Here is a list of therapeutic toys that are used in play therapy.

1. Nurturing/Family Toys
  • Purpose: Build and explore relationships
  • Dolls, baby bottles, blankets, diapers, doll house (furniture and doll family), puppet family (people and/or animals), miniatures, kitchen set (food, dishes, etc.), doctor’s kit.
2.  Fantasy/Pretend Toys
  • Purpose: Express feelings, and play out roles/scenarios
  • Dress-up clothes/hats, costume jewelry, puppets, miniatures, mirror, masks, play money, magic wand, vehicles (cars, trucks, rescue vehicles, planes), doctor’s kit, communication toys (phone, microphone, mailbox, etc.)
3.  Expressive and Construction Toys
  • Purpose: Express feelings, mastery, problem solving and creativity
  • Arts supplies (markers, crayons, paint, paper, etc.), craft supplies (stickers, pipe cleaners, beads, popsicle sticks, tape), water, play dough, clay, building blocks, legos, cardboard bricks.
4.  Acting Out/Aggressive Release Toys
  • Purpose: Expression, processing and mastery of fear and anger; Control
  • Monsters and villains, heroes, plastic soldiers, dinosaurs, spiders, snakes, aggressive looking puppets and miniatures (ex. dragons, animals with teeth showing, etc.), rope, handcuffs, bop bag, toy guns/knives, dart gun.
5. Movement and Motion Toys
  • Purpose: Mastery, emotional outlet, and self-regulation.
  • Balls, basketball/hoop, bubbles, ring toss, bean bags, target games, jump rope, hula hoop, music.
Van Fleet et. al (2012). Child Centered Play Therapy.

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